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WELCOME to Pose-Emporium - Your one-stop-pose-finding-stop!

Here we strive to find the best, most dynamic and exciting poses, as well as the most beautiful and professionally constructed poses for your artistic inspiration.

With already over 1,000 inspiring pose photographs in our gallery, we are one of the premier pose collection groups on Deviant Art!


We would love you to join! Just hit the "Join this group" button at the top of the page and you will be automatically approved!

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All Submissions must be listed in the Resources & Stock Category of dA.

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:bulletred: We are specifically looking for beautifully photographed and constructed dynamic poses (mainly full body, either nude, semi nude or clothed appropriately for the pose).

:bulletred: A well lit white or at least plainish background is a bonus, although we know this is not always possible depending on the photographer's situation.

:bulletred: We have numerous folder titles to choose from and poses must be submitted to the appropriate title please.

:bulletred: Poses MUST be of a kind which will be useful to artists who are drawing or painting from scratch, therefore dynamic, interesting and clear.

:bulletred: All photos MUST be categorized as some kind of STOCK IMAGE - any other listing type will be declined.

We will not be accepting the following:

:bulletorange: Poorly lit, badly focused, or 'far away' type pics, as well as overly confusing backgrounds (like foliage), and pics which are not specifically set up to be a pose shot. The aim is to have a clear pose for an artist to replicate, thus it needs to be as large and clear as possible.

:bulletorange: 'Shag-on-a-rock' type poses (meaning the pose is boring, or lumpish, or too similar to a normal snap shot) - Please keep your poses interesting and dynamic. Standard standing, sitting and lying down poses are fine however they still need to look interesting. Standing in an interesting way and standing like a 'fish-wife' is not the same thing.

We will keep a strict standard of professionalism and aesthetics so the gallery will be of a high standard and useful to artists searching for great poses.

These rules may change at any time without prior notice



Halloween Fun!

Sat Oct 15, 2016, 9:55 AM by Cassy-Blue:iconcassy-blue:


Halloween is two weeks away and I'm totally psyched to have a good excuse to buy candy and lots of it. Halloween is also a wonderful time in the stock community since we're all about that Halloween spirit. I've collected together Halloween contests and features for your enjoyment! It's time to get spooky Pumpkin La  

spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons 


spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons 

Halloween Gone Wrong - Pixel ChallengeThe end of 2016 is approaching swiftly, and with it a winter holiday-themed contest for the pixel community. While you're staying tuned for that however, I've whipped up a little Halloween challenge for you guys to pass the time.
shiny litwick la emoticon
 Theme: "Halloween Gone Wrong"

Did this year's celebrations turn out funny rather than spooky? Or perhaps a little too spooky? Or maybe something entirely different went awry this time. Let your imagination run wild!
 Medium & General Rules

Quite simply, your work has to be pixel art.

Green Dragon Cat Eye Bullet   You may...
...create an animated piece.
...create anything from a pixelated emoticon, over a pixel icon, to a full-fledged pixel scene.
...incorporate mature content only if it is properly marked as such.
Red and Black Eye Bullet  You may not...
  Halloween Contest hello everyone 🎃👻🎃👻👻
I have a little Contest for you!
Use one of my Stock Pictures and do some "halloweenish" manipulation with it ;)
You can use any of my stock pictures. Some are more Halloweenish some less , its your choice ^^
I will pick the best 3 ones out of everyone who participates and you can win some deviantart points.
Also I will show them on my facebook fanpage and here on deviantart of course :)
I know its not much time till Halloween, but i think you can make it ^^
Hope you enjoy getting creative <3:bird:
Much love 💖
  Halloween Art Heist! Come play, if you dare!!
It's Halloween 2016 at Halloween-HQ!
This is the official kickoff journal for Halloween 2016. Do you dare to join us?
You are sitting at your IKEA desk at work, rolling a pencil back and forth over your knuckles in abject boredom. Suddenly, your best friend bursts into your office, panting with excitement. You stop twirling your pencil and sit up, eager to hear the news.
Apparently, he says, the souls of all artists have been ripped violently from their bodies. If someone doesn't find the stolen souls, the loss will be permanent. You stare at him in silence for a moment, feeling the blood rush out of your body. What the hell . . . ?
"Anyway," your friend says, turning on his heel to leave, "I just thought you'd want to know."
You stare at his back as he disappears down the long hallway, your mind working at lightning speed to process what you've just been told. You decide in that moment
  Fascination With Fright Contest - Prizes Update
The Halloween Season is just around the corner, so for a bit of fun this time your task is:
Create a Horror Photo-Manipulation.

Give us the fright of our lives! Freeze our blood! Scare us!

The horror genre is a popular entertainment in the publishing and film industries
and there are a many theories why we love to watch horror movies.
One of the them came from Aristotle. He said that people were attracted to scary stories

because it gave them a chance to purge their negative emotions.
He called it Catharsis - the purification and p
  Mega Monthly Challenge Oct- Story of DeathMega Monthly Challenge

The October Mega Monthly Challenge is brought to you by Elandria, Aeirmid, and me! The main idea is to make some art and have fun, while using previously unused stock (or stock with very few uses). Each month will have a different theme, and we will try to make them interesting and much different than what you've seen before.
Last month had one entry,
 by Can-Cat
Thank you for entering, lovely ^.^ Hopefully there will be more competition this month!
This month's theme: STORY OF DEATH
Da Roolz
Use either (or both) of the stocks below in a NEW artwork (must be submitted to DA after the start of the challenge).
Use any other legitimate stock you like. All stock used must be properly credited with a link. If the stock is your own, mention that as well. We want to be able to trace where every little thing came from!
All stock use must comp

Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! 


Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet - F2U! 
BEFORE ENTERING OUR CONTEST > Fascination With Fright Contest

We :iconTHE3-ContestEvents:

encourage you to use awesome, creepy and scary stock images in your artwork.
We actively support our Stock Providers-Friends on DA & DA-Stock Community.


Create a Horror Photo-Manipulation.

Give us the fright of our lives! Freeze our blood! Scare us!
Please note,
that the stocks below are NOT the required Con
  Are you searching for Halloween Stocks?Check out my recommendation from my own stock archive:

You'll find more stocks here Arrow left Arrow right  
  Feature Halloween Stock items

There are so many beautiful stock images that I want to use! 
I now realize that my lifetime won´t be enough! And I´m out of time.
Here are some of my favourites! This time - Halloween.
  Cemetery Bench by midnightstouchSTOCK Colors 2 by midnightstouchSTOCK
Autumn basket Stock 20 by Malleni-Stock November Stock 028 by Malleni-Stock November Stock 090 by Malleni-Stock
:iconGreenEyezz-stock:  Pumpkin Stock 4 by GreenEyezz-stock Flowers and Bench by GreenEyezz-stock
:iconTigers-stock: 364 Graveyard 08 by Tigers-stock 616 Pumpkin Set by Tigers-stock 823 Astral Background by Tigers-stock&
  Halloween Stock Arthalloween - stock. by ramona-stockHalloween Pumpkins by YBsilon-StockAutumn forest 2015a1 S T O C K by AStoKo by AStoKoBlue Horned Girl Stock by Ghost-Rebel-StockNightsky moon a S T O C K by AStoKo by AStoKoPaper Clay Tutorial UPDATED! by NymlaSpooky chapel premade.. by AledJonesStockNArtPremium Texture Pack 13 | Haunted by mercurycodeStock - Frankensteins Braut Bride Pose Halloween 2 by S-T-A-R-gazerStock - Halloween witch with raven look back 7 by S-T-A-R-gazerSpiderWeb by ArtemisAestheticLizards-blood1 by Drury-LaneSpider Dethicus 3 by Tris-MarieLittle Witch 10 by deathbycanon-stockWoods Stock (1) by empellina-stockpumpkin halloween fall stock3 by oxygunNightshade4 by Drury-LaneWitches-Brew1 by Drury-LaneHell city by Precia-TCountry Roads 3 by lisablevinsLila Traum by 13-Melissa-Salvatore  Looking for some creepy Halloween stock images?Hey,
there are more and more Halloween contests at Deviant Art.
So if you are still looking for some creepy Halloween stock images, take a look in my gallerie:

Here are some examples:


  The Mummy I by RavienneArt   Fingers III by RavienneArt
  Looking for some Halloween stocks?Hey people Halloweeeen is comingg  I am more excited about Christmas tbh
And if you're looking for some good stocks for your magical witches and wizards,well here we have
She's made some amazing stocks! check them out~
Here are a few of them,but check the link above to see them all
there are 8 pages!

Have fun making great art with these!!




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Stock and Resources Galleries on dA. Your hub for Stock and Resources Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests, Challenges and news.

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Wait! by Danika-Stock
STOCK blue faerie I by MyladyTane
With You, Always [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock
Summer Dress 48 by The-Lionface
Action -Adventure Story Themes
Survival Situation STOCK XVII by PhelanDavion
Survival Situation STOCK XVIII by PhelanDavion
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Kayla Telephone Pose Reference STOCK I by PhelanDavion
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Kimono, Dagger, Fox Mask [Stock Pack] by boyspose
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Katana, Tachi, Long sword 01 [Hand Stock Pack] by boyspose
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Native American Indian 21 by DamselStock
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The Secret forest_4 by anastasiya-landa
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Lormet-Dance-0442sml by Lormet-Images
Russian native dance 1 by Panopticon-Stock
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Dark Angel_02 by hyuugahinata-stock
Lighting Litha_VII by Cendrayliss--Stock
Lighting Litha_I by Cendrayliss--Stock
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CQB STOCK XXII by PhelanDavion
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CQB STOCK XX by PhelanDavion
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The Guardian by Vinanti
Marilyn 2016 3 by Tris-Marie
Mother of Dragons 12 by Tris-Marie
Mother of Dragons 11 by Tris-Marie
Dynamic Action
Speed Is Key 04 by Null-Entity
Facial Expressions - Portraits
Portrait 10_0 by hyuugahinata-stock
Fantasy Themes
Pierrot IV by RavienneArt
Fashion - Editorial Themes
Linger by Danika-Stock
Foreshortening - Dramatic Perspective
Heroic Flight Preview by Null-Entity
General Casual Themes
What Goes Where by Null-Entity
Gothic Themes
328 by La-Esmeralda-Stock
Historical Themes
Fury Lane - Die of terrible love_VI by Cendrayliss--Stock
Horror - Macabre Themes
Rag Doll 9 by hyenacub-stock
Mermaid - Aquatic Themes
Little Fish II by RavienneArt
Millitary themes
Deputy 44 by hyenacub-stock
Modern - Urban Themes
Male Stock 86 by BirdsistersStock
Music - Instrument Themes
Life is but a Strum by Danika-Stock
Native or Traditional Ethnic Themes
Romanian blouse stock by simonamoonstock
Nude Models - All Themes

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Dancer 6 by The-Lionface
Pin Up - Burlesque Themes
Miles of goddess by Amarie-Tinuviel
Romantic Couples
Sailor Team Love 4 by SenshiStock
Science Fiction - Cyberpunk Themes
Lady Dark Spectrale vers1.0 -IV by Cendrayliss--Stock
Sports Action Themes
Dodge by Danika-Stock
Steam Punk - Western Themes
Steampunk elegance 3 by Amarie-Tinuviel
Poses 02 - Pole Dancing - Vixenkiba by Vixenkiba


This is a STOCK group. We ONLY accept deviations with ALL of the following attributes:

1. MUST be a photographic resource.
2. MUST be categorized as STOCK (NOT as portrait photography)
3. MUST be suitable to be used as a pose reference - this means must be clear, preferably on a plain background and not dark or smudgey in any way, and must be interesting and not just a 'standing around shot.'
4. MUST adhere to :devart: Terms and Guideilnes. Celebrity images will be declined.

FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

FAQ #792: As a stock art resource provider, how can I be of help in regards of stock art resource usage in prints?

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?


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