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The BEST of DA's pose stock


WELCOME to Pose-Emporium - Your one-stop-pose-finding-stop!

Here we strive to find the best, most dynamic and exciting poses, as well as the most beautiful and professionally constructed poses for your artistic inspiration.

With already over 1,000 inspiring pose photographs in our gallery, we are one of the premier pose collection groups on Deviant Art!


We would love you to join! Just hit the "Join this group" button at the top of the page and you will be automatically approved!

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All Submissions must be listed in the Resources & Stock Category of dA.

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:bulletred: We are specifically looking for beautifully photographed and constructed dynamic poses (mainly full body, either nude, semi nude or clothed appropriately for the pose).

:bulletred: A well lit white or at least plainish background is a bonus, although we know this is not always possible depending on the photographer's situation.

:bulletred: We have numerous folder titles to choose from and poses must be submitted to the appropriate title please.

:bulletred: Poses MUST be of a kind which will be useful to artists who are drawing or painting from scratch, therefore dynamic, interesting and clear.

:bulletred: All photos MUST be categorized as some kind of STOCK IMAGE - any other listing type will be declined.

We will not be accepting the following:

:bulletorange: Poorly lit, badly focused, or 'far away' type pics, as well as overly confusing backgrounds (like foliage), and pics which are not specifically set up to be a pose shot. The aim is to have a clear pose for an artist to replicate, thus it needs to be as large and clear as possible.

:bulletorange: 'Shag-on-a-rock' type poses (meaning the pose is boring, or lumpish, or too similar to a normal snap shot) - Please keep your poses interesting and dynamic. Standard standing, sitting and lying down poses are fine however they still need to look interesting. Standing in an interesting way and standing like a 'fish-wife' is not the same thing.

We will keep a strict standard of professionalism and aesthetics so the gallery will be of a high standard and useful to artists searching for great poses.

These rules may change at any time without prior notice



In The Stock-Light: wintersmagicstock

Sat Apr 12, 2014, 12:00 AM
Welcome to the weekly "In The Stock-Light" feature series.
This series is all about featuring stock providers in our community! Each week we will be exploring the galleries of different stock and resource providers.

If you know of a stock provider whom you'd like to see featured, please send me a note titled: "In The Stock-Light Suggestion."

For the beginning of this series, I will be focusing on providers who have been on dA one year or less, or have less than 20k pageviews. Keep in mind that each stock provider may have a slightly different set of rules regarding the use of their stock. By downloading and using their stock, you agree to abide by their terms of use. Remember to follow them as per each individual provider's instructions.

:spotlight-left: In The Stock-Light: Vol. 7 :spotlight-right:


Deviant For: 1 Year

Explore Their Gallery

DSC01707 Compass 3 by wintersmagicstock

DSC07570 Three Cups 3 by wintersmagicstock  DSC09123 Golden Egg 2 by wintersmagicstock  DSC08968 Heart Key by wintersmagicstock

DSC09239 Wish Tower by wintersmagicstock

DSC08218 Gold Key 1 by wintersmagicstock  DSC08656 De La Warr Pavilion by wintersmagicstock  DSC08419 Pevensey Castle by wintersmagicstock

DSC02323 Easter Surprise 3 by wintersmagicstock

DSC08166 Lion Head With  Mooring Ring by wintersmagicstock  DSC08177 Queen Boudicca 2 by wintersmagicstock  DSC07094 Mask 1 by wintersmagicstock

DSC07040 Police Box 2 by wintersmagicstock

DSC06996 Sundial by wintersmagicstock  DSC02384 Firehills Woodland Gill 2 by wintersmagicstock  DSC06939 Scotney 1 by wintersmagicstock

DSCN0766 Swan 2 by wintersmagicstock

DSC00368Barn Owl by wintersmagicstock  DSC06695 Ancestors 5 by wintersmagicstock  DSC06417 Reindeer 3 by wintersmagicstock

Snow White's Apple 2 by wintersmagicstock

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We are a super group again! 

34 deviants said Yaaaay! Thank you super awesome wonderful woman (not me) that upgraded it for us! :heart:


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Hehayo Mar 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much for requesting my stock! :D

I hope to it can of some use! :D
xxSana-chanxx Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for requesting my stock! :meow:
QuantumStock Mar 1, 2014  New member
Thank you for the request!
Marat86 Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the request. :)
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This is the most useful group ever! Thanks to all the members, founders, and contributors! :D
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