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The BEST of DA's pose stock


WELCOME to Pose-Emporium - Your one-stop-pose-finding-stop!

Here we strive to find the best, most dynamic and exciting poses, as well as the most beautiful and professionally constructed poses for your artistic inspiration.

With already over 1,000 inspiring pose photographs in our gallery, we are one of the premier pose collection groups on Deviant Art!


We would love you to join! Just hit the "Join this group" button at the top of the page and you will be automatically approved!

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All Submissions must be listed in the Resources & Stock Category of dA.

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:bulletred: We are specifically looking for beautifully photographed and constructed dynamic poses (mainly full body, either nude, semi nude or clothed appropriately for the pose).

:bulletred: A well lit white or at least plainish background is a bonus, although we know this is not always possible depending on the photographer's situation.

:bulletred: We have numerous folder titles to choose from and poses must be submitted to the appropriate title please.

:bulletred: Poses MUST be of a kind which will be useful to artists who are drawing or painting from scratch, therefore dynamic, interesting and clear.

:bulletred: All photos MUST be categorized as some kind of STOCK IMAGE - any other listing type will be declined.

We will not be accepting the following:

:bulletorange: Poorly lit, badly focused, or 'far away' type pics, as well as overly confusing backgrounds (like foliage), and pics which are not specifically set up to be a pose shot. The aim is to have a clear pose for an artist to replicate, thus it needs to be as large and clear as possible.

:bulletorange: 'Shag-on-a-rock' type poses (meaning the pose is boring, or lumpish, or too similar to a normal snap shot) - Please keep your poses interesting and dynamic. Standard standing, sitting and lying down poses are fine however they still need to look interesting. Standing in an interesting way and standing like a 'fish-wife' is not the same thing.

We will keep a strict standard of professionalism and aesthetics so the gallery will be of a high standard and useful to artists searching for great poses.

These rules may change at any time without prior notice



I Wish....

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 6:27 PM

Every now and then we find ourselves wishing for things. Here are a few thoughts and wishes that have crossed my mind regarding the Stock & Resources gallery.

- I wish that really awesome photograph/line art/fractal/whatever was listed as Stock & Resources. The permissions SAY people can use it, but it's not listed as stock. If it were, I'd totally DD blah blah blah, but I can't. It's NOT LISTED AS STOCK! :facepalm:

- I wish I'd get more DD suggestions. I always hear people saying "Oh this should get a DD" or "Oh I totally thought about suggesting this!" or "OMG You're such a great stock provider I wonder why you don't get much exposure, blah blah blah" so... WHY HAVEN'T YOU SUGGESTED IT?! I can't consider it if I don't see it 'cause it never got suggested. :stare: It's so easy. Go to my page. Send me a note. Title it "DD Suggestion." Include the thumb or link to the image you want to suggest. Say, "Yo, Cheryl, I'd like to suggest blah blah blah for a DD and this is why." EASY PEASY! :D You'd think that I get TONS of suggestions, but no. I get around 5 a month. No joke. The vast majority of the DDs I feature are ones that I hunt down myself.

- I wish more people would follow FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines? Only distribute the stuff you have created yourself or have the necessary permissions to redistribute. If you don't follow that faq, you are SOL on a DD feature from me, IMHO personally.

-  I wish people would stop thinking Daily Deviations are an "award" that they "win" when we "give" them to you. Stop hanging your self worth as an artist on a 24 hr feature. It's a feature! It's fun and it's great. I love featuring them. Having one or not doesn't define you as an artist or a person.

- I wish the drama llamas would get put out to pasture and the clique in-fighting would stop. It's been fairly decent lately, but seriously.. Stick together and encourage each other, don't start lists of shame that name people that might be making mistakes. They might not know any better because they're new. Don't set a bad example by acting like a bratty elementary school kid by saying "OoOooo such and such is doing this" in your journal. Go help them, don't make walls of shame or flaming journals of hate calling for the pitch forks and torches. If they're doing something wrong, TEACH THEM HOW TO DO IT RIGHT, not how to be a Class A Jerkface.

- I wish we could have a S&R chat event soon. It would be great to get everyone together and talking. We are a community, not competitors.

- I wish some of the stocks out there wouldn't be so heavily post processed. Leave a little room for the artists to work with them and create their own design. It's too limiting for the artists in my opinion.

That's about all I have for now. There's probably more, and this is entirely my own personal opinions and not a reflection of any official shenanigans.


- Cheryl

❤ Skin CSS © Nesmaty

- Cheryl - Stock & Resources Community Volunteer
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I'm bored! Come chat with me in our sister group The-Stock-Directory's group chat open now! :D 


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